Sunday, August 3, 2014

PARISH 10: St Ann's Hill

Rode right down to the edge of the parish today before bouncing back in to glance off St Ann's Hill (centroid)

Entering Thorpe from Virginia Water

The intersection towards Lyne

One of the best little roads for cycling, very quiet and scenic

Towards Chertsey now

Approaching St Ann's Hill

There's the entrance to the very quiet residential area on the side of St Ann's Hill

 A dog doctor (a vet?)

If you were a dog you'd think you'd found heaven

Intriguing side path for later exploration at a bend on St Ann's Hill Road

Combining the allocentric (from above, the map) with the egocentric (personal viewpoint) views is what this blog is all about

A map to help me finish the meme

Old watchtower

Watch tower with coat of arms

The view out across the Thames towards Heathrow

Inscriptions beneath the watchtower

The allocentric view of Egham Parish, according to the Ordnance Survey

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