Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Long Walk to Windsor Castle, Christmas 2013

A performed place meme if there ever was one, The Long Walk to Windsor Castle was part of a longer walk from the Egham train station to Windsor.  This one-way stroll, all on foot, took about 3 hours.  The weather was very fine.  Sights of the day: a muddy Cooper's Hill with a great view of London from near the 'land rights' camp; the view of the castle itself from the 'horse' statue that marks the beginning of the long walk segment proper; and the general jumble of dogs, joggers, and children, less dense towards the statue, but more and more so as one moved away from it.  At the main road it was apparent we were back in the land of tourists, which made the bus ride out of Windsor all the more enjoyable.

Looking back:

Winter Graduation 2013

Photos borrowed from Dorothea Kleine's and Katie Willis's twitter feeds

 Me on far left, Peter Adey far right, and three MSc Geopolitics and Security students between us

Top Ten Books of 2013

My top ten list for 2013, in no particular order

The list includes four MIT Press publications (#3-6) and two Royal Holloway authors (Kleine and Cresswell), as well as one novel (Gass):

Elden: The Birth of Territory

Goeman: Mark My Words (reviewed by me in Cartographica)

O'Rourke: Walking and Mapping

Kurgan: Close Up At A Distance

Kleine: Technologies of Choice?

Haffner: The View From Above

Guattari: Schizoanalytic Cartographies

Cresswell: Geographic Thought

Gass: Middle C

Hansen: Summits of Modern Man