Friday, August 1, 2014

PARISH 9: Ripley Springs

Today's landscape gesture drawing, made by turning myself into a human pencil with GPS tracking functions and QGIS software

Crossing the railway tracks, over to Ripley Springs

From the foot crossing bridge across the rooftops to the Founder's Building

Flower power in Ripley Springs

Ripley Avenue sign next to amazing sunflowers

GPS tells me that Ripley Springs is ahead (behind and to the left of the white house)

Spring Rise, at the entryway to Royal Holloway

Spring Rise

Senate House book depository, in the Ripley Springs forest

Spring Rise entrance to RH

The shopping carts left behind by students.  They were gone when I came back down an hour later

GPS alerted me that I had arrived at Ripley Springs, next to Runnymede 2 residential halls

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