Saturday, August 16, 2014

PARISH 12: Great Wood and MOD via Longcross and Chobham Common

Today's PARISH exploration was an erratic, hybrid affair.  I ended up finding three places: Knowle Hill, Great Wood, and an MOD site very close to the bizarre Longcross Station, returning through Chobham Common

The entrance to Knowle Hill in Virginia Water

Knowle Hill in Virginia Water

Adjacent to the golf course on a public footpath heading to Great Wood

Near Great Wood, the Longcross train station

Lifting the bicycle (and myself) over this gate was not easy!

What a weird station Longcross is!  Essentially, no way to get in or out

The way I got in, from the golf course side

Carrying the bicycle to the other side of Longcross station platform

Crossing under a major road just past the MOD site very close to Longcross Station

The trolls I assume

Chobham Common, south, outside of Egham Parish, as I have defined it

Picking up my bicycle and waving it at these cattle was the only way through

Corn, and lots of it

Virginia Water, Holloway's other famous building: the sanatorium

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