Friday, July 18, 2014

PARISH 6: Milton Park

Egham Train Station to Milton Park

The public footpath not far from the train station

Horses huddle up against the fence today

Founder's Building across from the mustard yellow field

The public footpath through two fields

More horses, all along the way to Milton Park

Plantings along the fence of Milton Park

Edges of Milton Park overgrown, 'hackable'

Visitors' parking lot at Milton Park

Coming close to hacking here as I raise my camera over the fence

Getting out of the visitors' parking lot (horse fields beyond)

Milton Park, as close as I could get without trespassing (about 150m from Milton Park 'centroid', see map above)

The end of the line.  Here is where the sidewalk ends.  I ride past here on a daily basis on my way to work, and often see pedestrians walking directly on the road surface, in both directions.  Drivers mostly seem very cautious and even overly wary of me as I ride along the harpin/switchbacks towards the level crossing behind the Royal Holloway fitness centre

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