Tuesday, July 15, 2014

PARISH 5: Royal Holloway (centroid): rural place hacking

Map made using QGIS 2.4 "Chugiak"

Today's destination: Royal Holloway (centroid).  This, and the following 3 photos, indicate the location at which my GPS alerted me to my arrival at Royal Holloway (centroid)

Looking downhill to where small gangs of visiting high school students were milling about or sitting in long rows

Looking laterally towards the residential halls

Laterally the other way (downhill), towards the Senate House book depository

This is a Google Earth representation of today's meme which started at Egham train station, following Whitehall Lane around the back of Royal Holloway's fitness centre, then up Prune Hill to the fitness centre entryway

How is this place hacking you might ask?  

It is place hacking in the sense that I attempt new juxtapositions of bodies/spaces in the sense intended by Bradley Garrett in a recent tweet (indirectly referring to his book Explore Everything)

It is also place hacking in that I attempt to discover new bodies/beings in spaces, juxtaposed in ways for which the space was not originally intended

In this and the previous place-hack/PARISH postings I have discovered just that: youthful bodies hacked into spaces by the juxtapositions they offer that are at odds with the surroundings.  You notice these students because they act out, and because a language other than English is usually being spoken

I did not expect to meet so many students at Royal Holloway this summer: not on Cooper's Hill either, nor in the Campus Store, where crowds of young bodies forced the store staff to police the space and attempt to restore order

(Re)ordering bodies in space

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