Friday, May 30, 2014

PARISH 2: Egham

I got within 50m of the centroid of Egham, the named place shown as a point on the map, but that is actually a kind of polygon, or area, or topographical feature, not to mention a town.

Map made using QGIS 2.2

On the way, I glanced just past both Ripley Springs and Royal Holloway points (to be re-visited later: both points sit on top specific buildings on campus).

Going down to Egham with my kit (GPS, camera, notepad) I didn't know what to expect: what would the essence of Egham look like?  See below:

It turns out 'Egham' (according to OS data) resides at the intersection of The Crescent and Spring Avenue.  (Or at least within 50 metres of the intersection, in someone's backyard!)

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