Friday, May 16, 2014

PARISH 1: Rural Place Hacking

I used 63 X 1m resolution LiDAR tiles to make a terrain map of Egham parish.  The boundary is based upon a mid-1800s civic parish map of Egham held in the British Library (consulted a few months ago).  Based on that boundary and Ordnance Survey base data I identified 65 named places in Egham.  The coordinates of these named places (some of which are topographical, as opposed to point, place-names) have been uploaded to my Garmin 60CSX GPS unit, the goal being to see how many places I will be able to pinpoint by being physically present at the named place (i.e. on the ground).  To achieve all 65 would, I believe, necessarily involve a small amount of breaking and entering.  Therefore, I will merely attempt to get as close as possible to each of the named places.  Once there (or as close as possible) I will document the place through images and text, and the results of each will be the subject of a subsequent blog entry.  The result will be a comprehensive mapping of Egham Parish, the final step of which is a full traverse of the boundary.

Map made using ArcGIS 10.1

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