Monday, November 20, 2017

Top Five Books of 2017

Here the top five books I've read (or am reading) this year.  There's a lot of science fiction, kicked off by my discovery this year of The Thing Itself (see previous posts), and the fact of post-colonial SF, with application to some new research started this year:

Decolonizing the Map, edited by James Akerman, and published by the University of Chicago Press (@UChicagoPress)

Zero Degrees, by Charles Withers, published by Harvard University Press (@Harvard_Press)

Austral, by Paul McAuley, published by Gollancz (@UnlikelyWorlds, @Gollancz)

Real-Town Murders, by Adam Roberts, published by Gollancz (@arrroberts, @Gollancz) (the original title was R!-town murders)

The Rift, by Nina Allan, published by Titan Books

Just off the top of my head, the books listed above have made the most impact on my scholarly life and imagination. 

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