Monday, July 20, 2015

Heads of Geography: "see him cycling through the streets of London..."

Jeremy Corbyn evokes (or has created) a 'head of geography department' meme.

From The Independent, Saturday, 18 July 2015, page 18, in an article by Adam Lusher:

"To see him cycling through the streets of London, bearded, trousers safely tucked into bicycle clips, jacket allegedly from circa 1983, is surely to wonder whether somewhere, a school might be missing its head of geography"

He is radical, old-school, and not good for the Labour party.  There seems to be some consensus on this point amongst various writers in papers across the spectrum from The Independent to The Guardian to The Daily Telegraph.

A couple of the same writers point out that whoever takes the leadership role now is surely not the person who will be running for Prime Minister in five years.  Some on the right go further, making the point that the reason for this is that the party will for all intents and purposes cease to exist in any meaningful way under Corbyn's leadership.

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