Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Route 66: Bristow to Edmond (OKC) + Old Route 51: Cushing to Stillwater

A family journey with maps and photos.  Includes a trip along route 66 on April 13th; followed by another along old route 51 on April 15th

One of the very few license plate maps I've come across

The start of our track, at Bristow

My mother told me this reminds her of her father's service station

A re-furbished old building along 'the route'

The water tower at Depew, a very interesting little town with a long section of original route pavement

Original route pavement alongside the newer maintained highway

This is what the roadside motels used to look like.  Some for rent

A large route 66 mural

Early Bird Diner (Help Wanted).  Note the crows enjoying route 66 coffee

Early Bird Diner

In Chandler, where my stepfather used to get piano lessons

An old Philips station in Chandler

Refurbished old building along the route.  Essentially a painted shell of a building

The reddest dirt I've seen, down towards Arcadia

One of the best old buildings

Old gas pumps.  The glass part at the top has a gauge that lets the customer see how much gas has been pumped by watching the level go down

An old Pepsi cooler

At the town of Luther, which has the route 66 sign as part of its town logo

And finally, two images from route 51 between Cushing and Stillwater
This monument was erected to commemorate Oklahoma's entry into the Civil War

There is round mountain itself, a very visible high point along route 51

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