Monday, March 31, 2014

Egham to Richmond (return) via Feltham

Map made using QGIS 2.2

This little ride on Saturday tired me out.  First, I found a new path to Ashford but had to return home to report my findings and eat breakfast.  Then, I set out to retrace the path to Ashford, working my way beyond that safe zone of farm fields and ponds, towards Feltham, with the ultimate goal of Richmond.  The weather was fine, and I made it to Richmond in time to pick up a Ritter Sport chocolate bar and a smoothie before heading back home.  Here are some of the things I saw on the way there and back:

Cows in Ashford/Staines

On the old Roman road from Ashford to Feltham

Near Castle Road, Feltham

End of Castle Road, on Chertsey Road

Chertsey Road

Chertsey Road

Looks like a lovely little linear park
But I didn't have time to linger...

Remnants of flooding in Richmond

The lovely park in Richmond behind the high street

The bike

Near the castle on Castle Road

Castle Road

Castle Road

Frightening...knife and gun disposal unit

Spring time, on the way home

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