Wednesday, September 4, 2013


GG3090, Critical GIS and the geoweb, is a two term course with the first term focusing on Crampton's Mapping book.  The last two lectures of term 1 look at cartographic models and metadata, providing a bridge into some of the second term practical work.  Term 2 is lab-based as we work towards the final project, a poster for challenging 'official representations' of spatial information.

Place Memes, as a blog, should provide some indication as to my openness regarding range of subjects acceptable under the banner 'critical GIS and the geoweb.'  Just about anything goes, as long as it is rigorously documented in terms of method and source.  It should also engage in some way with maps or 'mappings.'  The latter are more nebulously or metaphorically defined.

Other important texts for GG3090 include Cope and Elwood's edited collection, Qualitative GIS; Harvey's A Primer of GIS; Schuurman's GIS: A Short Introduction; and Wood's Rethinking the Power of Maps.  Both the Crampton and the Wood texts engage with artistic cartographic and mapping practices in keeping with the pataphysical and (cyber)psychogeographical nature of many of the musings on Place Memes.

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