Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Accidental Indies

Source: MQUP

This is one of the great finds of the summer, great in terms of treatment and brevity, a book about the discovery of the 'New World' by Columbus, with Columbus as the main character.  Written by Robert Finley, The Accidental Indies is prose poetry, but it is, at base, fiction.  The first review I saw inside the dust jacket was by Hugh Brody and I was pretty much hooked.  I got the hardcover for $8 at Westcott Books in its new location at St. Laurent and Duluth.  The cat 'Eliot' was there as usual, and as always I came out of the store with a book.

Last time I was there got a hardcover of Flanagan's book Louis 'David' Riel: 'Prophet of the New World' (U of Toronto Press).  


Returning to Finley's book, it started me on a little tangent, that of looking up authors of novels about famous adventurers, told from their perspectives.  The first hit I got was Measuring the World by Daniel Kehlmann, featuring Gauss and Humboldt.  The narrative style is a bit more 'traditional' in this title so it doesn't draw me in quite as much.  

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