Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Walking and Mapping

A zoomed in shot of some of my journeys in London.

This reminds me that there is yet another excellent reference on mapping with MIT Press

It should be arriving in my pigeonhole tomorrow or the day after.  Along with The View From Above and Close Up At A Distance (both also MIT Press) this book contributes to new research directions in counter-mapping and the idea of blurring.  On the 10th of June I presented some initial findings at the Sixth Spatial Socio-cultural knowledge workshop to which I was an invited speaker.  The audience of 40-50 was very attentive, and a raft of questions just kept coming throughout the day and evening.  I was told by a colleague later that he also received comments the next day which, unfortunately, I was unable to attend.  I still felt like an integral part of this very worthwhile and exciting event.

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