Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New geoweb mapping sites

My friend Jeremy Crampton reminded me of how rapidly the world of online mapping is changing.  Here are a few sites he mentioned as we chatted over dinner at the Villa Rosa restaurant here in Egham.  All of these platforms have fairly direct compatibility with ESRI software and its shapefile format:

1. Mapknitter

As Jeremy mentioned yesterday when he was speaking in the department of geography at Royal Holloway, mapknitter can take imagery collected using custom methods (such as hot air balloons) and knit it together into one image, with rectification

2. Geocommons

Geocommons is not all that new but it is useful to keep in mind that it is in its 2.0 incarnation

3. Fulcrum
Fulcrum really looks great, and it works on both iPhone and android platforms.  This one is new to me, but it might be making an appearance in GG3090 in the future

In the end it's all about making beautiful maps!

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