Monday, February 25, 2013

Breaking Culture Shock 3: Windsor Great Park

I own three different maps with a variety of approaches to showing Windsor Great Park.

The A-Z series seems to avoid the park altogether, but you can at least see the edges on the Staines/Egham/Windsor area atlases.

Ordnance survey maps include the whole park but it comes across as a bit indistinct.

Then I discovered the Windsor Great Park map in the pub at the London Road entrance in Virginia Water.  You can buy a copy for £2.  

It shows the park as a discrete thing with which the map reader can interact.  This interactivity makes the park seem much more accessible, a bit less vast.

It is also at a large scale so you get a lot of details of the inside of the park, including 2m contours.  

I've been using the park to 'break culture shock.'  I usually ride, but yesterday Diane and I walked from the train station in Egham all the way to the totem pole.

We had lunch at the previously mentioned pub and then made the return journey through the park to the entrance to Wick Road and back home through the Royal Holloway campus.

There's a nice forest called the Virginia Water plantations with a great variety of trees some quite large.  It reminded us both of British Columbia.  Especially after the totem pole it felt a bit more like home.

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