Saturday, January 19, 2013

Commemorative Landscapes of Egham (on the Geoweb)

All photos by Gwilym Lucas Eades

Today I went for a stroll through Egham to do a little geoweb experiment.  The work is not yet done, but the photos above give a sample of some of the memorial architecture I encountered during my walk.  One does not, I think, often see these structures all covered in snow.

The next steps involve downloading the GPS track and waypoints and converting them to kml files, which I will then add to Google Earth.  The photos above will be added to all waypoints as will the notes I took at each site. 

An excel file of today's 'itinerary' will be created and opened in GIS as well, with some base data, and both the GIS and Google Earth files will be used to compare and contrast ideas of wayfaring on the geoweb.  

This work is inspired by my reading of Catherine Delano-Smith's "Milieus of Mobility" in Cartographies of Travel and Navigation (U of Chicago Press, 2006), from which extracts will appear in the 29th of January lecture.

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