Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Virginia Water Totem Pole

I found this authentic Haida totem pole on my first ride from my new home in Egham.

It was about a 40 minute ride along Christchurch road I think, and quite a nice ride at that.

Then I made it to the big royal park where you are allowed to ride on some of the paths.

Seeing the totem pole on the map I rode to it and found it in about 5 minutes.

The totem pole memorialises the inclusion of British Columbia within the British Colonies.

Haida carvers were brought in some time after its installation to re-touch the paint.

Some German tourists were also there looking at the pole, a whole family discussing and tilting their heads back to take in its height.

The day was fine and cold, perfect for riding.

I stopped on the way back at a small grocery store in Virginia Water and filled up my pannier bags with groceries.

The man in that store was very friendly and Norwegian I think.

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