Thursday, December 20, 2012


We are decorating the 'arctic fir' fake Christmas tree that was put up in our front room here in Brossard Quebec on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River, across from downtown Montreal.  The fake fir tree looks a lot bushier on the box.

Montreal's snow is a lot fluffier in my memory.  Right now the only snow we're getting is borderline snow but is more like rain that instead of puddling and pooling outward (it does that too), also goes upward into rain piles that dam the liquid parts into huge pools.

Two days ago I did the dance of the rain piles in my Dr Marten shoes, carefully picking a pathway far enough away from the car splash zone to remain dry, and far enough from any corner to try to avoid the dammed slush lakes.

I made it through a whole day dry.  Had I been wearing my Clark's shoes I would've been drenched through.  It was not until after dark, around 4:30 that I made my fatal error, stepping into what I thought was a shallow puddle only to find myself ankle deep.  One third of one foot got drenched.

Still I got home and felt dry.

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