Monday, October 29, 2012

King's Cross St. Pancras

Saturdays are my British Library days, my chance to get some research done in peace and quiet.  The Map Room provides this for me, and I've already established myself as a presence there, with a seat next to a framed old map of Cambridgeshire.  With my reader's pass, I can order books and have them delivered to the Map Room ready for when I arrive.  I am not, however, allowed to borrow these books, nor is it possible to take them from the Map Room without written permission.

Last Saturday I arrived at King's Cross St. Pancras station and somehow entered the King's Cross side.  The weekend before I had magically and by accident materialized on the other, St. Pancras, side, where I happily discovered a Foyle's book shop and some reasonable places to eat lunch.  The King's Cross side seems to have pretty good food too.  As I walked out of the station I found that the sky was clear and blue, that it was windy, and that I had neither hat, nor gloves, nor scarf.  I was wearing a warm tweed jacket and raincoat, but I was chilly without a sweater.

Before settling in to the Map Room I acquired a scarf and gloves.  I still felt chilly all day without a hat, which I bought the next day.  I ate lunch for the first time at the British Library, having a chicken pie, green beans and baby potatoes, washed down with strong coffee.  It was delicious, and I credit that meal with helping me stay warm and nourished for most of the remainder of the day.  Last week was my first 'real' week of lecturing and running lab sessions, and 12 hours in class on Thursday and Friday had taken its toll.  After that meal I went from being convinced I was becoming ill to feeling OK again.

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