Saturday, September 22, 2012

Picadilly Line

Mostly I'm sticking to the Picadilly Line, but my mental map is expanding as I work my way outwards from what I consider my personal downtown ground zero.  The tentative kickoff point was Russell Square, of course, and from there I was off to the British Library and Museum, as well as the University of London buildings.  I met a friend there last weekend and he showed me around a little bit.  It was great to catch up with him and talk about 'the old days' back in Montreal when we were both grad students.  I told him it felt easier being here in some ways because I mostly understand everything people around me are saying.

Today, my mental map will expand a bit as I hit the Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Holborn areas.  There are a few shops down there that I need to visit.  After that I'll try my hand at taking a book out of the Senate House library, or any one that will let me.  Books are my thing, as many of you know, and I can't help acquiring them through purchase, lending, begging, borrowing or stealing.  I don't plan on begging or stealing, and I will only borrow with permission.

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